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Writley – The Google’s online Editor!


Innovations by Google always amaze me. If you dont have a MS Word on your PC and you still want to edit your Resume as RTF, here is where Google Wrtiley comes to help and the best feature i loved in it is that you can save your Documents in the PDF format without buying the expensive MS office add-ons. The data you enter in to Writley is backe-d up every 10 seconds… so no worries of power faliures and data loss.

Also you can share the document instantly and can work on a same document from almost anywhere in the world.

Go ahead and register free for writley. And if are more used to Excel, then Google Spreadsheets is there for you.


Songs on my i-pod now…

These songs are currently the chartbusters on my ipod.. Below songs on the basis of their iTunes playcount.

  1. Vellai Pookal – This tamil song is one of the best songs i have ever heared. Wonderful composition by Rahman and wonderfully sung by him. Tryi listening to it when you are stressed… suddenly you will feel yourself fresh.  Read about it here..
  2. Dheere Jalna – This song from Paheli has recently hit my charts because of the awessome composition by M M Kareem. And not to forget Sonu Nigam and Shreya who sang this wonderfully. Best part is when MM Kareem changes gears through out ( somewhat like Rahman did in Saanwariya) .. the song starts slowly and then takes 5th gear. Awesome flute in between also the Sitar…
  3. Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera – This song can never come down from chart. Can listen to it n times on repeat. No words to mention this one. My favorite one after “Vellai Pookal”.
  4. Khalbali Hai – This songs takes out the wild animal in me : )… Makes me rock. I have started loving the lyrics too which shows the care free attitude.. 
  5. Bande – This song from Indian Ocean makes me move my hands as if i am playing drums in the air. A song with lot if josh.



M waiting for this..

Happy Birthday India!

Vellai Pookal…

I dont understand Tamil. I do listen to Tamil songs by Rahman. I came across this track Vellai Pookal…which is now my favorite song sung by Rahman. The music is so simple with a few guitar strokes. In any way this is a Gem. I was hunting down several blogs for the translation and finally found this one.

 Let white(peace) flowers bloom all over the world,
Let peace heal the unrest world,
let the sun’s rays fall on this soil,
Let the flowers lose their laziness and bloom.

Let the child open its eyes
in the mother’s lullaby
let the world wake up to
children’s laughter

In the breeze’s melody,
In the music created by raindrops,
Is there anything that give utmost joy than silence?
Would a crore melodies and words penned by poets be as meaningful
as a drop of a tear shed?

Let the moon rise in the place where the child reaches out its hands
Let the white bird sing in the place where there is no war.


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On the beach : Thats me on the Virgin Beach, Cannanore, Kerala. Clicked by my friend Jatin.


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"Music has no destination. It's endless. Music is the thing that unites people. There's so much of hatred in the world, that I'm just blessed to be a musician." - A R Rahman

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