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The Apple iPhone

I was waiting for this product since the time it was announced by apple. Recently it was unvieled by Steve Jobs.

I have decided.. this is gonna be my next cell phone!!

This sexy piece has a new technology called Multi-Touch, something as innovative as the Clickwheel that the ipod has.

You can read more about this here :


NOIDA Killings : End of Humanity?

Was shaken when I read about the recent killings at NOIDA. Can we blame our politicians or the police for this? In a way yes, if they had realised this earlier the number wouldn’t have reached 17!

Authorities say that they’ve found the remains of at least 17 people from drains abutting a house in Noida, although residents say 38 people have disappeared in the past two years. The owner of the house, Moninder Singh Pandher, and his domestic servant, Surender Kohli, have been arrested and charged with kidnapping, raping and killing the victims and then dumping their dismembered bodies in the drains.

Now the question is …

How many more children will have to be abused, mutilated and killed, how many more mothers will have to live with questions than can never be answered before we become responsible as a civil society and say enough!

We are supposed to have a law and order mechanism but what we forget is that these work only for those who have money, power or at least a vote. The parents of the dead children of Nithari did not have any of these. Migrants from other states they came in search of work with a hope hat maybe they will be able to give their children a better life. Instead they sent them straight to a horrific death.

Noida’s killings are India’s shame, and now names are emerging of the people whose intervention as far back as 2005 could have saved many of the young children.

The first of them is Soumitra Yadav, SP City Noida, a post he still holds. When the children first went missing from Nithari, Yadav’s response in 2005 was to say that, “Most of these missing children are girls who might have run away with someone.”

Then as more cases kept coming in, his response in January 2006 was that, “It’s difficult to trace the children as we don’t have their photographs.”

The Nithari killings are a shocking example of complete negligence on part of the district administration, police and even the local politicians.Had these agencies acted in time perhaps precious lives could have been saved. What is perhaps even more shocking is that although the case is solved the state government has failed to fix any responsibility and as a face saving has only suspended two junior policemen.

In all, 19 FIRs had been filed in one year, but they largely just gathered dust in police files. Families who went to stations were turned away and told that their missing girls had just run away.
The questions now are whether these people will be held accountable as well and would Moninder Singh have been caught much earlier if the larger systemic bias against the poor in India was not so well entrenched

Can we ever put and end to this unwanted divide? Can we ever live as humans, and not as rich and poor? Can we ever live in an India where people live happily as they were born without we taking an adventage over anyone’s disadvantages?

Lets  join our hands and work towards creating a Free India for everyone, where you can sit back not worrying that your child’s body is not for foriegn export!

Wake up India!

With inputs from and NDTV 

Happy New Year!

May this year add another feather of happiness in your life!

Also Check out how Google celebrates 2007:

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On the beach : Thats me on the Virgin Beach, Cannanore, Kerala. Clicked by my friend Jatin.



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