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A bad day…

Sometimes you come across instances in Life, where you forget your pain/anger and start believing that yes I am at a better state.
Woke up today morning to see that my car was a bit ‘high’ in the air, elevated from ground using bricks… ( remembered a scene from slumdog millionaire, also the various articles written against it for showing the ‘real’ India on ‘reels’… crap! ) . I had guessed rite.. someone broke in to it through the window… took my beloved ‘blaupunkt’ which always made sure that my long drives were less boring. My brain started calculating the effect on my wallet… and in next one hour I was with the law keepers of our country, at the police station.
Had to wait for 45mins to get an appointment with a cop ( probably its true what bollywood shows, the police always reaches after the crime and the criminal! )… not my frustration did not stop here… I had to give him a ride on my bike to my house and back from the police station for investigating the case… reason: he had 3 bikes at the station but with an empty fuel tank!
Adding to my frustration – I returned to drop the police guy and now he realises that these cases come under criminal department, and I need to comeback in an hour to meet the cop who handles the department. While I was leaving the station I saw two kids standing on one corner… I asked ke a cop what did they do.. the reply I got… “Sab chori kartein hain… saale musalman!”. This reply kind of moved me… if the law keepers have this attitude then, how can we be sure that they are not biased while enforcing it?
Came back to the station after an hour to find that the cops were beating up the kids turn by turn… it was like every policeman was trying to dump their frustration on these little kids…  I just could not see it… its easier to close your eyes, but could not stop the loud voices of the kids crying for help… ( for help… from whom? ) entering my ears. Later found out that these kids were crying out in telguthat they will never do it again… my house owner who accompanied me in to the station told me “I too feel like kicking these #$%#@, If they are not treated this way… they will end up doing a bigger crime!”. I am not sure if to agree to this or not… 
I asked the cop to take down my complaint..  which he tried his best to make it as ” I lost my car wheels and stereo ” ( you loosing the wheels of your car, is it the keys to misplace!!) … so that they have less work to do… After half an hour of argument .. he finally rephrased the sentence ” the wheels and stereo from xyz car was stolen!”. Then they again started about the muslim factor… and many more statements which if I mention it here might lead to a communal riot! 
India on one part connect to every part of the world inside modern architectural wonders, a little far away from that lies a world which is not even connected locally! – Yes, a diversified nation it is !!

People critisized Slumdog Millionaire for showing the real India, only when the movie was a big hit… and since my blog has a limited coverage… I am sure I wont be critisizedfor anything like this.. and even if someone does it.. I dont care.. Its easier for people to sit and write everything …  it applies for me too! 

And wise men know that  – India is much more than Slums and Dogs!


My top 10 songs in 2008

1. Kaise Mujhe Tum –  The most repeated track in a short span of time. Plus points – Vocals – Benny you are a great find and Shreya – my favorite female vocalist, Lyrics, Correctly placed in the movie
2. Kahin toSounds fresh…. listening to it with closed eyes will take you to the world as described in the song. Plus Points- Amazing vocals by both  – love the way Vasundhra starts with “Saansein kho gayi hain..” in a kind of rough way and the harmony in the background smoothens it. Also the part were Rashid says .. ” mulaqaaat mein… “.
3. Tum ho toUnleashing the singer in Farhan – a rough sound which fits in to magik to create magic! A song which is not just meant for your better half or your love…. its  your best friend ( the way its picturized in the movie ). I already have done the dedication :)… Plus points: Farhan – Man you rock!! The way you pulled zindagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… is amazing ! . Lyrics – Your dad rocks too always! you simplify poetry… love this line.. “Tum ho to rahein bhi hain…. tum nahi, to raste kahan!!”.  SEL – If Rahman started the revolution, you are following it with perfection. Rock on is a perfect album where you proved to non-rock listeners that it is one of the rare genres of music where you can express all kinds of expressions.
4. In Lamhon keThis songs acted like a slow poison to me. I am not a big fan of Sonu Nigam…. though listening to this one moves me closer to becoming one! Plus Points – One of the best Compositions I have heard ever,  Amazing use of instruments… loved the use of sarangi ( 0:45), drums through out…. and the way heavy chorus stops… ( 02:44).. leaves a silence and Sonu starts off again with jal tarang ( not sure of this ) playing in the background… and madhushree starts off.  My fav part of the track is when Sonu starts with “Mere khwabon ke… ” and then the chorus takes it from there with “Kyun hain yeh aarzoo… “. Amazing lyrics and an Amazing Composition – which makes Rahman stand out always.
5. Manmohani – An ignored track of the year – but this is an example where techno beats can carry off Hindustani Classical music. Perfectly Inter-woven… and if you like Sargams, this one is a gem in your collection. Plus points – Great fusion, amazing vocals – Vijay Prakash… who has sung this not-so-easy to sing track.
6. Kuch KamI had started under-estimating Vishal Shekhar after listening to their recent compositions… like Golmaal or Om Shanti Om. Dostana was ‘kind-of’ their comeback… its a pity that only their peppy numbers become hit and people kind of ignore the gems in their album. Kuch Kam is one of them….. the lyrics of the song are superb, perfectly describes the empty space in your life. Plus Points – Lyrics and perfectly woven in to the movie.
7. Zindagi If Kuch Kam makes you realize that you are missing something in life… and how life has changed without it… then you ask “Zindagi Zindagi Kya kami reh gayi….” . I have reviewed this song before in my blog and its currently called ‘A ghazal on synth’.  Plus Points – Lyrics – Gulzar, not known for his simple lyrics, but simplifies it here. Vocals – Srinivas… Loved you ever since i heard ‘Kaisi he yeh ruth’ from Dil Chahta Hai.
8. Khuda Jaane – Another song which makes me beleive that Vishal Shekhar is back to quality music. Not a big fan of its lyrics – but I started listening to this song after hearing the Female Voice – later finding out that its Shilpa Rao.. I dnt remember hearing her before, but i am sure she will have a huge fan following after this one. KK – as usual.. yes its always as usual for him, rocks in this song.
Plus points – Shilpa Rao  – Love your voice girl.. specially when u sing.. “Karti hun sau baatein tumse…. “, I dnt know why it makes me feel I am in love.. 🙂 .. .Music: Love the way Table starts off at 0:44…. and also the mixing part. But Vishal – Shekhar.. you guys have a lot to improve on the engineering part.. for example.. towards the end starting 4:50.. you guys have added and amazing harmony… but its hardly heard!

9. Jaane Kyun : I love Songs about friendship…. started with Yaaron.. Tum ho to… and now Jaane Kyun. Love the beats when it starts…. and in most songs I hate it when they mix english in to hindi just for the sake of it… but in this one its done greatly well. Love the lyrics and the peppiness of the track. Plus points : Lyrics and livelyness of the song.
10. Sindbad the Sailor : This song rocks… the lyrics which takes Sindbad as an example to prove that try again n again and you will succeed one day. Sindbad went through a lot of troubles before he succeded in his travel… similarly to be happy you need to go through lots of them in life… but sometimes.. you are still looking for that! Plus points : Inspiring Lyrics…. Love the picturisation and also the way “Tum ho to.. ” comes in the end…….

Would like to mention two songs which I have not Included in the list… “Khwaja mere Khwaja” and “Man Mohana” from Jodha Akbar. Both of these tracks stand somewhere above the rest and are beyond comparison….

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On the beach : Thats me on the Virgin Beach, Cannanore, Kerala. Clicked by my friend Jatin.


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"Music has no destination. It's endless. Music is the thing that unites people. There's so much of hatred in the world, that I'm just blessed to be a musician." - A R Rahman

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