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Jacobs Kingdom of Heaven

Jacobinte Swargarajyam – Jacobs Kingdom of Heaven


Rarely a movie makes me emotional or gets tears in my eyes. This was one of them. Emotions were mixed – happiness seeing how each member of the family was knit together, especially the father and son ( Jacob and Jerry ) .

The story unfolds in one of my favourite cities ( Dubai ). The family is something which we all can relate to, a middle-aged couple Jacob and Sherly, and their four children. All children has different characteristics, the elder son being more responsible and someone whom his father banks on. Again something which most of us can relate to. And then there is a studious sister, a modern hippie musician younger brother and a smaller nerd brat.

The entire story is the same old wine, however, repacked and served in a new bottle. However, this new bottle is something which a new modern family would like it to be. There is a crisis in the family and it is how the four children react to the situation in their own way.  Emphasizes on how each one of us see a situation and respond to it in our own way .

My favourite part of the movie is the bonding shown between the members of the family, each bond being different in their own aspects, is strong.

The picnic which Jacob plans knowing that her daughter has to stay away from the family soon for her higher education. He requests his son to use the old film camera (which was the first thing Jacob had bought with his savings) for the picnic instead of a modern digital one. On his son’s question, that the old camera will expose only few pictures, Jacob’s reply to that was the memories those few picture creates are valuable. Inferred to the fact that we all use digital cameras and we can click many more pictures we almost click everything wanted or unwanted, but when you know that you have limited shots to expose we exactly know which are the special ones which needs to be captured. Anything limited psychologically makes it more special.

I have rarely come across a movie where each character ( including the car ) has made an impact. Every character is neatly scripted and they all evolve in their own way.

It surprises me how a young director Vineeth Srinivasan can handle a mature subject as this with ease, I am sure it would not have been an easy task for him. Jomon T John one of the finest cinematographers today, has shown us Dubai in simple yes mesmerizing way keeping it with the pace of the film. My favourite shots were the ones which were created using the car window reflection.

And not to forget the actors involved. The casting was special.

Nivin Pauly – He has evolved as an actor. In this movie he proved that he is versatile and take up any challenging role.

Renji Panicker – Probably one of his finest performances in front of the camera, still can’t believe he is the same who directed Bharatchandran IPS.

Lakshmy Ramakrishnan – The strong mother. Can’t imagine any other character actress fitting in to the role.

Sreenath Bhasi – Even though it was the same ‘yo yo’ guy role he does in most of the films, this one was matured.

Go catch this movie for a good emotional ride – for the laughs and maturity.

I am very sure once you watch this film, you will get back home for a family dinner together!

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On the beach : Thats me on the Virgin Beach, Cannanore, Kerala. Clicked by my friend Jatin.


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