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my first mobile blog

After being frustrated by the services of my ISP and now being ‘forced’ to follow the IT policies at my office.. wasn’t regular to blogs… thanx to WAP browsers, now i’ll try to be regular.

This is a ‘test’ post which m posting through my cell phone.

If you blog on wordpress and want to post blogs directly from your cellular phone, type on your phone browser. Don’t expect a cool n jazzy webpage, but thanx to the lite n simple design which makes it faster and cheaper to use..

and while I have been typing all this… I ‘really’ missed my iphone keyboard .. 😦


Cellphone battery saving tips…

I thought of writing this, because this is one issue that i face with my cellphone, low battery! 

Follow this tips and pump out more from your battery…


  1. Turn off the 3G mode ( if you have one ), we know its of no use in India.
  2. Whenever you are listening to music, get to the stand by mode of the phone, i.e. to your phone desktop. This would save out a lot of processing which goes in during the music mode like scrolling the song name ( oh yes! it takes up a lot of your processing power to do this! ) etc. 
  3. Turn off the Equalizer : If there is less power in your battery, go turn your equalizers off, this would again save in a lot of processing power and thus the charge would last longer.
  4. Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi : Turn them off when you are not using it, when they are on, they would waste up the battery charge in looking for Wifi Access Points or other bluetooth devices.
  5. Disable Animated Wallpapers or Screensavers
  6. Disable the keypad tones… why would you need a notification when you press your phone key?
  7. Drain your batteries … use up all the charge in your battery and then charge it. It would help you maintain your battery for a long time. 
  8. And if you are on roaming, turn off your cellphone. The charge is eaten up when you are travelling across cities and your phone keeps on searching for cell sites. If you are listening to music on your cellphone, switch to airplane mode in that case.


These are some steps that i follow… and there may be a few more.. will update if I come across them.

Zune Phone … err iPhone!

Microsoft has always tried to copy Apple, whether is the Windows which is a copy of Mac, or to the latest Microsoft Phone in the makin, they call it a zune phone!, it is supposed to have all the features the iphone has + something more. If you recall Zune was microsofts answer to the ipod.

Zune Phone

Zune Phone

Some speculate that a Zune phone platform would cannibalize Windows Mobile. The images above show the same imaginary device in Zune mode and phone mode. Yes, it looks like an iPhone, but the Zune 30 looked a little like the iPod 30 so anything is possible.


The Zune 3 is also a phone with all the features of the Zune 80, with new features such as internet explorer, wifi marketplace, common phone apps, and more.

The Zune 3 is fully touchscreen, however, the lower panel buttons are touch “sensitive” play/pause/call, zune, and back/hang up buttons that glow, they are permanent (similar to the chocolate’s buttons).

The Zune 3 is available in 16GB, and 32GB flash memory sizes.

Navigating the Zune 3 is similar to the 80’s squircle except on the touch screen.

The screen itself is a high quality, scratch resistant, touch-sensitive glass that covers most of the front of the device.

Around the perimeter of the glass is a glowing light that can be customized to the color of the user’s choice through the settings menu.

The remainder of the device’s exterior is similar to the Zune 80’s finish, including the hold switch to de-activate touch.

Video’s are now presented in high-quality widescreen format.

The Zune 3 is not restricted to any particular network.

The device has external speakers for speakerphone functionality and to share music with your friends!

Now we would have to wait and see if ZunePhone would be a winner for microsoft in the Phone Market.

Nokia, Motorola, Siemens are you guys hearing!! You have now two big software / tech firms for competition and they are in your market!! Gear up Guys!! …  anyways I am happy with my Iphone and I just wish the diesel prices go down !! 🙂

The Apple iPhone

I was waiting for this product since the time it was announced by apple. Recently it was unvieled by Steve Jobs.

I have decided.. this is gonna be my next cell phone!!

This sexy piece has a new technology called Multi-Touch, something as innovative as the Clickwheel that the ipod has.

You can read more about this here :

Google acquires Youtube

Youtube is  now a part of the Google family. Google buys youtube for $1.65 billion. Another win for Google!

More news on Bloomberg!

My next phone … Nokia 888

Saw this phone at Sankar’s Blog and i was amazed… 

 This phone designed by Tamer Nakisci has technology like Liquid Battery, Speech recognition, Flexible touch screen, touch sensitive body cover. Create a feeling of electronical pet, as it senses your moves, understand what you want, respond you in the best way. It learns you, to fit you better.Also e-motions lets you send forms to the other 888 users. It could be the shape of a heart or a small dance. This way you can talk without words.


The fact: Its Still in Dreams.

The all new nano!

Apple came out with the new Completley Remastered iPod nano version. Great new colors, and some 24 hours of battery power, 40% more bright display. They have come out with an aluminium case this time, hope it helps preventing scratches (which the old nano was prone to!). Its got some 8GB of space too. I wish i could have waited for this one: 🙂

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On the beach : Thats me on the Virgin Beach, Cannanore, Kerala. Clicked by my friend Jatin.



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