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Ever thought ??????

What make the sky blue (may be coz,  the atoms of nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere separate the suns white light into its many colors, and scatter them throughout the atmosphere. The wavelength of the blue light scatters better than the rest, predominates over the other colors in the light spectrum, and makes the sky appear blue to us )…. or what makes the water wet ? ( may be coz of its nature 🙂 ) … Or why doesn’t 2 and 2 add up to 5 ( oops.. m too poor in math, I guess!) …. Anyways… Have you ever thought about it? … If not think about that now!! :)… this is how the lyrics of this wonderful song go… rocking lyrics by dad (Javed Akhtar ) and suprb vocals by son (Farhan Akhtar). 

The movie rocks on and so does the songs…. ( I wish they could have had a better recording quality, i guess all the songs were recorded live and then they mastered it, it went wrong here and the Shankar Ehsaan Loy engineers are not masters in recording that way, they are more used to their Apple machines and Logic Pro format). 

Jason West should be applauded for his amazing cinematography, he captured the songs as if it is a real concert, by loosing on focus here and there. The script has a Dil Chahta Hai hangover ( friends ego clashes and then re-union ), though ‘magik’ is the medium here for re-union. Great direction by newbie Abhishek Kapoor and finally Arjun Rampal got a chance to ‘act’ it seems and Farhan  – the all rounder, stands out. 

Movies like Rock On proves that quality cinema still exist in India or rather in bollywood ( Have seen quality movies in other languages !), and bollywood is not just about Jab we metz and Sing is Kingz…. 

Farhan – Rock on man!!


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On the beach : Thats me on the Virgin Beach, Cannanore, Kerala. Clicked by my friend Jatin.



"Music has no destination. It's endless. Music is the thing that unites people. There's so much of hatred in the world, that I'm just blessed to be a musician." - A R Rahman

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