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Cellphone battery saving tips…

I thought of writing this, because this is one issue that i face with my cellphone, low battery! 

Follow this tips and pump out more from your battery…


  1. Turn off the 3G mode ( if you have one ), we know its of no use in India.
  2. Whenever you are listening to music, get to the stand by mode of the phone, i.e. to your phone desktop. This would save out a lot of processing which goes in during the music mode like scrolling the song name ( oh yes! it takes up a lot of your processing power to do this! ) etc. 
  3. Turn off the Equalizer : If there is less power in your battery, go turn your equalizers off, this would again save in a lot of processing power and thus the charge would last longer.
  4. Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi : Turn them off when you are not using it, when they are on, they would waste up the battery charge in looking for Wifi Access Points or other bluetooth devices.
  5. Disable Animated Wallpapers or Screensavers
  6. Disable the keypad tones… why would you need a notification when you press your phone key?
  7. Drain your batteries … use up all the charge in your battery and then charge it. It would help you maintain your battery for a long time. 
  8. And if you are on roaming, turn off your cellphone. The charge is eaten up when you are travelling across cities and your phone keeps on searching for cell sites. If you are listening to music on your cellphone, switch to airplane mode in that case.


These are some steps that i follow… and there may be a few more.. will update if I come across them.

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On the beach : Thats me on the Virgin Beach, Cannanore, Kerala. Clicked by my friend Jatin.


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